Albertsons Companies is committed to integrating sustainability into our everyday business decisions to enable our employees, customers and stakeholders to create better lives, vibrant neighborhoods, and a healthier planet.

We are constantly evolving our sustainability goals for our company and will share these important changes with our stakeholders. This process requires the gathering of baseline data, initiatives and best practices across our company. This will provide a consistent framework for each of our 14 operating divisions to report on and showcase the great work they are each doing. We are proud of the efforts already underway in many of our divisions. Some of the initiatives focus on giving back to our communities, while others concentrate on reducing the amount of natural resources we use.

Our support of local communities is apparent in the aisles of your neighborhood store.  For example, shelf tags throughout the store identify locally grown and manufactured products from your community. Our seafood sourcing teams are working closely with our expert partners at FishWise to ensure we take the appropriate steps to sustainably source seafood products for all of our stores.

Over the years we have helped to feed millions of families via our robust food donation program and giving platforms. Our campaign was recently recognized by Feeding America as a Visionary Partner for the contributions that allow them to feed more people today while finding long-term solutions to address hunger nationally. Thanks to the generous contributions from our customers and employees, we also made substantial contributions to important causes such as prostate and breast cancer research, people with disabilities, and veterans.

As we work to make our operations more efficient, we understand the need to work toward reducing the overall environmental footprint of our business. It is critical that we achieve business growth while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and use of other important resources.

We encourage you to continue coming back to this website to learn more about our progress and commitments to make a positive difference in the neighborhoods we serve and the planet we share.


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