Our company’s environmental footprint is directly tied to what we make and sell. We’re committed to creating and sourcing sustainable products and reducing unnecessary packaging and food waste.

Our Signature Topic

Waste Reduction & Circularity: As part of our Recipe for Change, we’re committed to eliminating food waste, reducing the use of plastic, and accelerating our transition to a more circular economy. Read more about our work to address food waste and to reduce plastic waste.

Learn more about some of our other key efforts, including:

Our Own Brands

We want to make it easy for you to focus on health while leading a busy life — and the proof is right on our shelves. You’ll find a growing selection of foods and household items under brands we created with your health and the planet in mind.

More about Own Brands.

Responsible Seafood

Protecting our oceans is critical for maintaining future availability of seafood, as well as the health of our planet. Our operating divisions across the nation are working with our sustainable seafood consulting partners at FishWise, to continue sourcing responsibly caught fish and work towards achieving our goals.

More about responsible seafood.

Responsible Sourcing

Having products that are better for you and the planet is an important priority for Albertsons Companies.

Learn more about our responsible sourcing.

Animal Well-Being

At Albertsons Companies, we strive to maintain high animal welfare standards across all areas of our business. Our relationships with industry experts have guided our animal welfare policies.

More about animal well-being.