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Albertsons Companies is deeply committed to our community and team members, so we passionately protect and stand as friends and allies to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, ability, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

We believe that diverse perspectives strengthen and enrich our stores, our company, and our society. We lead with inclusion, empathy, and in the spirit of learning and growing together. Our forums and platforms are places to listen and to discover other perspectives.

For this reason, we denounce discriminatory and hateful language, as well as the sharing of misinformation. To ensure this community remains a positive, respectful space, we monitor all posts and comments. Posts or comments using racial slurs, hateful language, or which seek to shut down productive discourse on our page will be subject to removal from our community. Please:

  • Keep posts on topic and in good taste.
  • Be open to (and learn from) other perspectives.
  • Always be gracious and kind.
  • Lead with compassion.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Don’t use offensive language.
  • Don’t harass others or make personal attacks.
  • Don’t incite others to an angry response.
  • Don’t post self-serving promotional posts or links to goods and services.

In other words, be nice. Be respectful. Bring your best self. Treat others the way you deserve to be treated.

Privacy Protection
To protect our employees' privacy, we will remove posts that mention an employee by name or that uses other personal identifiers for employees (or other non-employee community members). If you have a comment or concern about a specific Safeway employee, please contact us directly by calling 1-877-723-3929.

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