By creating an account in our systems, you hereby attest that you are either: (a) a Seller; or (b) acting as an agent on behalf of a Seller (as each of the terms “Seller” and “agent” is used in Continuing Commodity Guaranty and Indemnification Agreement Terms and Conditions (CCG) and in each case subject to the obligations of the Seller in question under the terms of the CCG.

When you or your employer create an account for you to use our systems, we may collect your name, email address, phone number, job title, job location, and login information to enable the functionality of the system. You may also be able to add personal data, like a photo or additional contact information, or to set preferences related to report generation, business notifications and, in limited circumstances, marketing. Albertsons Companies may share this personal data with service providers who assist us with providing the software and tools necessary for the functionality of our systems. These service providers are contractually required to protect your personal data and are not allowed to use it for purposes beyond those specified in our contracts.

We keep the personal data collected, used and stored by these systems to a minimum and the personal data is not connected with any profile or account information you may have as a customer of Albertsons Companies’ stores. If you have any questions about Albertsons Companies’ processing of data collected in the context of your work with a vendor or client of ours, and the need to access systems associated with that work, please contact