We want to make it easy for you to focus on health while leading a busy life — and the proof is right on our shelves. You’ll find a growing selection of food and household items under brands we created with your health and the planet in mind.

Our private label brands can help you incorporate healthier options into your daily routine while minimizing your impact on the environment. We use high-quality ingredients to make food that tastes great.
Healthier choices for you and the environment go hand in hand. Read on to learn more.

O Organics®

Kids can be picky but encouraging them to eat healthier food while they’re young can help create lifelong habits. O Organics give you access to an affordable and growing line of organic food that brings convenience into your kitchen. O Organics includes everything from baby food to fresh food and beverages for adults.

Our entire line of O Organics products is USDA-certified organic, ensuring that at least 95% of the ingredients are produced without the use of synthetic pesticides fertilizers, antibiotics, added growth hormones or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) — providing you and your family with a complete line of wholesome and great tasting food. When O Organics launched in 2005, we became one of the first major retailers to offer a wide selection of organic food. Albertsons Companies is still leading the way and continuing to expand our product portfolio with diverse and affordable organic options.

As part of its commitment to the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, Albertsons Companies has pledged that by mid-2020, 100 percent of its O Organics® coffee will be certified sustainable according to the Fair Trade USA standard or an equivalant.
O Organics is proud to offer Fair Trade Certified coffee, which means the beans in our coffee bags and pods are grown responsibly. When you choose Fair Trade coffee, you’re not just helping protect the environment. You’re also ensuring that the hard-working farmers earn fair wages and work in safe conditions.

Here are some other ways Fair Trade certification benefits farmers and their communities:

  • Farmers learn about sustainable farming methods and receive training to grow products that meet high standards
  • Farmers and their families have access to education and healthcare. They also receive community development funds that allow them to invest in their futures
  • Farmers receive higher pay for their organic crops

According to Paul Rice, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA, “Demand for ethical products is on the rise, and with the commitment of O Organics coffee bags to Fair Trade, consumers now have more opportunities to choose products that not only taste good, but also do good.”

Look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label while you shop. You’ll enjoy that cup of coffee even more knowing you’re helping farmers around the world.

To learn more, visit FairTradeCertified.org

Open Nature™

Sometimes, it’s hard to find wholesome options for the foods your family members prefer. We have created a line of products to make eating delicious foods as easy for you as possible.

Open Nature™ is food as nature intended. This means no artificial colors or preservatives, no added trans-fat, and no hydrogenated oils. Open Nature meats come from animals raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and they are all vegetarian-fed. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat more naturally.

Open Nature products include fresh chicken and beef, bread, yogurt, salad dressing, and frozen foods. We have continued to add a variety of new items, including frozen yogurt bars and eggs.

Many of the ingredients used in our Open Nature products are non-GMO. Learn more about Albertsons Companies’ position on GMOs. 

Open Nature carries earth-friendlier home care and home cleaning products that are dye-free and never tested on animals. These products are as effective as leading national brands, but they are made with naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients whenever possible. 

A number of Open Nature home cleaning products are approved by the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program as well as the newer Safer Choice program. The Safer Choice program promotes safer chemicals in products that are healthier for our communities and planet. In 2016 and 2017, Albertsons Companies won the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year award for our commitment to increasing awareness of products that are safer for people and the environment, and our ongoing efforts to participate in and promote the Safer Choice program. In addition to the EPA Safer Choice Program guidelines, we also have our own restricted substances list for our Open Nature products.