Human Rights

People are at the core of our operating philosophy. Our responsibility to caring for our community also extends to our suppliers, who play a critical role in ensuring that we manage our business ethically while taking care of those who work for us.

We made big strides in 2013 to address human trafficking risks in our supply chain, surveying our finished good suppliers and working with third-party consultants to analyze and identify risks in our supply chain. With this research, we were able to identify our riskiest suppliers and consider possible solutions. We expanded this survey to ingredients and packaging suppliers in 2014. We plan to revamp the survey to gather even more information in the future and develop a mitigation plan to address the risks identified throughout our supply chain purchasing.

We have worked diligently with human trafficking experts to offer a course for our business leaders, managers and employees. Over 1,000 employees who directly work with our many suppliers have successfully completed comprehensive training.

In 2013, we opted to require an annual refresh on the training for all employees who purchase goods for our company, as well as two quarterly refresh training efforts for new hires and employees who transfer into these roles. Our plan going forward includes updating the survey when needed as well as making the training available to our vendor partners.