Community Statement

To our Albertsons Companies Community –

Courtesy. Dignity. Respect. Whether we interact with you in a store or online, those three values form the core of who we are. And if we ever fall short, we do our best to make it right and seize the opportunity to be better. Across Albertsons Companies, we aim to treat everyone the way we want to be treated.

As a company, we have committed to holding courageous conversations that reflect our genuine desire to boldly face inequity and injustice head on. While these are difficult discussions, they have proved constructive by extending a spirit of courtesy, dignity, and respect to all who participate.

These conversations are happening in our society at large as well—often online. Frankly, we think these environments could benefit from more courtesy, dignity, and respect. It is incumbent on social media platforms to take more responsibility for the climate they foster. That includes taking bold steps to combat hate speech and misinformation, and having better support for targeted users.

During the month of July, we will pause social media advertisements and work with the platforms to identify, develop, and implement necessary changes. We are confident we can help spark lasting change that finally extends the promise of our country’s highest ideals to all, no matter what.