Albertsons Marketplace wins Most Innovative Commerce Experience Magento Award


Albertsons Companies and partners McFadyen Digital and Mirakl won the Most Innovative Commerce Experience award from Adobe at its global eCommerce conference, Imagine 2019.

The Albertsons Marketplace won because of a combination of factors, but most of all, because of the focus on providing customers with the expanded selection that they seek, making that selection easy to find and purchase. Seller profiles, including the exposure of all sellers, was a bonus factor in the judges’ decision.

The awards honor the business successes of Magento merchants and partners on the industry’s leading digital commerce platform for next-generation shopping experiences. This year’s awards garnered nearly 230 submissions that exemplify some of the best commerce innovations across B2B and B2C use cases.

Albertsons Digital Marketplace launched nationwide last fall with thousands of specialty products, like hard-to-find spices and condiments, unique beauty products or other health and wellness items.

The digital marketplace benefits diverse, niche vendors by providing them with a digital shelf to carry their products, greater access to our customers, and exposure to our merchants who evaluate products to carry in the store.

To access the Marketplace go to your local banner eCommerce website and click on the Marketplace logo, or go to