Albertsons Companies Celebrates Juneteenth


Celebrating Freedom

June 19, 1865 is the commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States. Today we’re recognizing and celebrating the journey and contributions that Black Americans have made to this country. Happy Juneteenth!


Brenda Valley, Director of Finance FP&A, eCommerce, Customer and Digital

“Juneteenth gives us an opportunity to slow down and think about the contributions, perseverance and resilience of the culture overall for African American people. Although Juneteenth is a celebration of African American contributions to the history of America, it is not a celebration just for African Americans. In my experience, everyone was always out to celebrate the holiday and that’s what made it so rich and fun and for everybody. Those that are interested and don’t even know what Juneteenth is, I would encourage you to spend time learning what it is, why we celebrate, and the impact that it’s had. “Juneteenth” by Ralph Ellison would be a great read. If you want to learn more about what the holiday is and the contribution of African Americans -- start wherever you are, based on your interests. Participate in an event if you can, pick up a book, listen to a song, or just Google and find out more about it.”


Brenda Valley
Durrell Boyd

Durell Boyd, Procurement Buyer

“How do I celebrate Juneteenth? I don’t celebrate Juneteenth. Juneteenth is something new to me, something that I’ve learned about within the past 5 years or so. I have taken the initiative of educating myself on Juneteenth – the significance of it and how it directly relates to the African American culture in this country.”

Bill Hurlock, Store Director, Shaw’s

“Juneteenth to me resembles a critical stage of building a home. It’s our foundation. When building a home, you need a strong and robust foundation. Juneteenth is the foundation that supports our strengths, integrity, intelligence, our beauty, our character, and above all else, our unwavering ability to remain a united and intact culture. No matter the unjustifiable acts in our history so many of our ancestors endured, we have remained intact. A home can be burned down, weathered by the strongest storms, windows crushed by stones thrown, walls stripped bare, support beams ripped and torn to shreds. Still, our foundation remains stronger, more resilient than ever and fully intact. We always find our strength, love and forgiveness inside of us. Then, we rebuild. And we rebuild every time better than the last. The foundation in my life begins with Juneteenth.”

William Hurlock
Albertsons Companies Celebrates Juneteenth