2020 Albertsons’ CCPA Metrics Report

This chart represents the number of requests to delete, requests to know, and requests to opt out of future sales received between the time period of January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

NOTE: For fraud purposes, consumers are required to click on a confirmation link sent to their email address after making a CCPA request.  Some consumers failed to click on the confirmation link before the expiration date.  Additionally, some consumers made multiple CCPA request submissions while their initial requests were still pending.  Those subsequent requests were closed. These consumer requests (i.e., expired links and multiple requests) are captured in the number of CCPA requests received category.  However, they are not reflected in the number of requests fulfilled or denied categories.

Request to Know

  • Received – 894
  • Fulfilled – 384
  • Denied* – 368
  • Mean Number of Days to Respond – 25 days

Request to Delete

  • Received – 1,466
  • Fulfilled – 0
  • Denied* – 1,240
  • Mean Number of Days to Respond – 10 days

Request to Opt-Out of Future Sales

  • Received – 2,090
  • Fulfilled – 971
  • Denied* – 841
  • Mean Number of Days to Respond – 7 days

*This includes requests that were denied due to one of the following reasons: 1) requests denied due to unverifiable consumer identity and 2) requests denied due to valid CCPA exemptions.