Accessibility Policy

Digital Accessibility Policy


Albertsons Companies (“Albertsons”) is committed to ensuring our websites, mobile applications, and other digital content are accessible to individuals with disabilities. This policy sets forth the standards and procedures Albertsons that follows to ensure our websites, mobile applications, and other digital content are accessible. All website, mobile application, and digital content owners and managers, business content editors or strategists, business analysts, system architects, developers, designers, and testers who support the Albertsons websites, mobile, and other digital capabilities are required to understand and comply with this policy and related procedures.

Access Standard

Albertsons has adopted the W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 Level AA as our accessibility standard for all online products and services that Albertsons designs, develops and/or procures (the “Access Standard”). Albertsons is also committed to ensuring that any applications for mobile devices comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA to the extent possible. We continually work to ensure, to the extent practicable, that new online products and services satisfy Level A and AA Success Criteria set forth in the WCAG 2.0.

Third Party Content

All new or renewed contracts with third party developers or content vendors include provisions for substantial conformance with the Access Standard. Albertsons uses good faith efforts to select third party vendors who can meet the Access Standard, provided the vendor also meets all other criteria in the request for proposals and vendor contracts. Content managers shall use best efforts to periodically test third party content on the Albertsons websites, mobile apps, and other digital content to determine if it substantially conforms to the Access Standard. If access barriers are found, or otherwise reported, the content manager will request in writing that the applicable content vendor update its content to substantially conform to the Access Standard, and that it responds to Albertsons’ request in writing within 30 days.

Other Actions

Albertsons also takes the following actions toward its commitment to accessibility:

  • Albertsons has a designated IT Director who is responsible for overseeing the company’s digital accessibility efforts and serves as a resource for the teams involved in developing and maintaining Albertsons’ digital content.
  • Albertsons provides accessibility training and other forms of learning content to the teams responsible for developing and maintaining our digital content so that they have the knowledge and experience needed to implement the standard outlined in this Policy.
  • Albertsons assigns specific tasks to each of the major teams involved in the application and content development life-cycle to toward meeting the accessibility standards. These tasks include design reviews, standards-based development, and quality assurance and usability testing with assistive technology.
  • Albertsons conducts regular automated scans and manual evaluations to monitor, analyze and help repair accessibility issues found in our web applications and digital content. The results of this testing are reviewed in detail with Albertsons’ accessibility consultants on a periodic basis and as part of its longstanding partnership with the American Foundation for the Blind.

Customer Feedback

Our Accessibility Statement, which appears on our websites and mobile app(s), welcomes individuals who have problems accessing information on our websites or our mobile app(s), feedback, or suggestions, to let us know by emailing or calling Accessibility Support at 877.635.4833.

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Accessibility Policy